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The products we sell at the sale vary each time based on over-runs, inventory levels, etc.  But generally our sale items will fall into the following categories:

Great Soups!
Soup Mixes
Our soup mixes have won national awards for excellence.  All of them are add-water only.  You will not believe how delicious they taste, or how full-bodied they are!  Flavors include: Wild Rice, Potato Bacon, Chicken Dumpling, Cheese, Tomato, Broccoli and Mushroom, and more!

Great Dips!

Dip Mixes
These mixes are for dipping all sorts of things, such as chips, vegetables and even fruit!  Many of them are also wonderful when prepared and served as salad dressing.

Great Cheesballs!

Cheeseball Mixes
This is another category in which we've won national awards!  We have both sweet varieties and savory ones...so there is something that appeals to everyone!

Great Beverages!

Beverage Mixes
These are designed to be made with a blender.  There are both "regular" versions and "spirited" versions, which allow folks to add their favorite alcohol.